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Last Chance!

So today, everyone, is the final day you can get your hands on a free copy of Spring-Heeled Jack! I’d take this opportunity while you can because after today it’s going to be a whopping $.99! I know, it’ll break your wallet for sure, but these are things that must be done. Now again, you […]

Final Stretches & Announcement!

  Hey protagonists! So we are quickly approaching the end of the month and that means we are getting in on the final stretch of getting Spring-Heeled Jack while it’s still free! You have just a little over a week left, but don’t fret. Even after this month is over, copies on Amazon and Smashwords […]

Bloodborne: A Theory on Mergo’s Wet Nurse

So in addition to books, I’m a huge video game fanatic. Not as much nowadays as when I was a younger lad, but I still love them. One game that has recently gripped me is Bloodborne a game by From Software. The game is an artistic and literary masterpiece. It tells a story the exact way […]