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Spring-Heeled Jack Countdown: 10 Days!

Hey everybody! So ten days from now, I’m proud to say that Spring-Heeled Jack will be released! Many, many hours went into it, as one would imagine, and even if it flops, I can proudly say that I put more work into this one book than I have into anything else in my entire life. […]

Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 4

Atticus and Brock quickly changed out of their school uniforms and into more casual wear. With the cool weather, Atticus put on his favorite jacket: a red plaid cotton windbreaker his grandmother had given him on his twelfth birthday. Brock slipped on a green and black sweater with a large singe mark around the neck. […]

Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 3

The next morning, Brock woke up to the seven o’clock bell. He groggily rolled out of bed and tried to slap the sleepiness out of his system. He jumped up to his feet and began to slowly make his way to the bathroom. As he walked, he noticed Atticus had already up and left for […]

Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 2

Normally, as he’d done his past years, Atticus would head to the courtyard fountain and take a nap after exam day. He’d listen to the hum of airships and zeppelins that fly overhead, and the purring of the different science labs on the far side of campus. But today, he couldn’t do that. Atticus needed […]

Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 1 Excerpt (Part 2)

Amongst these students is Atticus Whaelord, a brilliantly minded third year student studying criminal justice in hopes of becoming one of Zebulon’s personal private investigators. The joke on campus was that Atticus was the school’s very own Sherlock Holmes. Whenever there was a mystery, Atticus was the guy to solve all your problems. It was […]