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Spring-Heeled Jack is Finally Here!

Spring-Heeled Jack is Finally Here!

Hello protagonists! Today is the day! Spring-Heeled Jack is available for physical purchase on Amazon right now!  That’s right everyone, now you can physically hold this book that I’ve been talking oh so much about. If you want, the eBook is still FREE at Smashwords and $0.99 on Amazon if you’d want that instead. Anyways everyone, […]

Last Chance!

So today, everyone, is the final day you can get your hands on a free copy of Spring-Heeled Jack! I’d take this opportunity while you can because after today it’s going to be a whopping $.99! I know, it’ll break your wallet for sure, but these are things that must be done. Now again, you […]

Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 4

Atticus and Brock quickly changed out of their school uniforms and into more casual wear. With the cool weather, Atticus put on his favorite jacket: a red plaid cotton windbreaker his grandmother had given him on his twelfth birthday. Brock slipped on a green and black sweater with a large singe mark around the neck. […]

Believe In Yourself! (Spring-Heeled Jack Draft #2 COMPLETE)

So it is done! At 49,306 words, 128 pages, and 19 chapters; the second draft of Spring-Heeled Jack is completed! I’m wonderfully ahead of schedule and it feels great. But, that doesn’t mean I’m done. Most definitely not. As of right now, if I was to release SHJ right now it would be littered with […]

Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 3

The next morning, Brock woke up to the seven o’clock bell. He groggily rolled out of bed and tried to slap the sleepiness out of his system. He jumped up to his feet and began to slowly make his way to the bathroom. As he walked, he noticed Atticus had already up and left for […]