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The King’s Broken Heart: Notification & Cover Preview

Hello protagonists! So, it’s been nearly three years since I released Spring-Heeled Jack, the first book in my Queen of Spades series, and there’s been little to no word on its sequel that I teased at the end The King’s Broken Heart. Well, that’s going to change today!

For the past couple years, I’ve been unsure about the direction I’ve wanted to take the series: Did I want it to be a bit more action heavy or adventure-centric? Should I fully embrace the mystery genre like I did with SHJ? How long do I want these books to be? What ages am I actually aiming at?

All these questions, along with many things going on in my personal life, have been really keeping me from working on KBH to my fullest like I did back with the first book. I was also really excited to release Spring-Heeled Jack despite not being as ready as I could’ve been. I should’ve taken more time to flesh things out, get more feedback, and really think out this series that I’ve been wanting to write for so long, and as a result I’ve been really hesitant on releasing the next book in the series.

But all of that ends THIS YEAR! I’ve been hard at work with this story and it is going to be released by November this year! I completed the first draft a while back, and to be honest I wasn’t the happiest with it, but that’s why we do multiple drafts. I’m devoted in releasing this book this year, and nothing short of Hell or highwater is going to stop me!

Now, I want to tease the cover for the book. I’ve actually had this bit done for quite some time now and I figure why not reveal it to the public for all to see:


Thank you very much everyone for being patient with me and may you all have a wonderful day!


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