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SODA TIME: 5/24/16

Hello Protagonists, and welcome back to another Soda Time!

I’m sorry about the lacking update last week and this week there’s no video, and that’s because I have to move and a lot of my stuff is packed up. These past couple of months have been really tough on me and my roommate and as such we’ve had a bit of a struggle and, long story short, we’re moving. It’s nothing too serious and it’s nothing personal, we both just need to take a step back from where we are and start over. Sadly, that does mean that my writing has gone on hiatus for a while.

I’m sorry for not being able to update as much as I probably should, but I am actively trying to work harder. I’m hoping that once my moving is all done and taken care of, I’ll be able to start up again and work at an even faster pace.

Anyways folks, that’s all I’m gonna say for this week. I’ll be back next time with another video (depending on if I remember to unpack my camera and microphone) and hopefully all will be well. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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