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SODA TIME: 4/19/16

Hey protagonists and welcome back to another Soda Time!

So I took my brake from writing for a week, and my goodness was it glorious. I finally got to sit down and work on other hobbies of mine that I haven’t thought to do. With putting myself on such a tight schedule. I said this last week, but I have pushed my schedule back and allowed myself some more leeway with my writing.

Also, I’m extremely excited about Spring-Heeled Jack. Coming sometime this week is a physical copy of SHJ for personal review. I’ve reviewed the digital version as much as my sanity will allow, but now I need to make sure that the cover looks right, the margins are wide enough, and so on. I’m also gonna do yet another read through to guarantee any more typos and errors. It should be arriving around next Sunday or Monday (April 24th or 25th).

And that’s it for this week protagonists! I know it’s not a lot, but that shouldn’t be anything new. Thank you all very much for tuning in, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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