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In the Dark Heart of the Forest

Once, there was a sly old witch who lived in the dark heart of the forest. No one could find this witch; they could only hope that she would find them. She could turn stone into diamond, heal any disease, or even foresee the future. However, there was a terrible price to be paid for any favor asked of the witch, no matter how small that favor may be.

On one lonely day, the witch left her rickety old forest home and found a beautiful woman solemnly sitting by the river. The witch asked why the woman was so sad, and she said that she had lost a baby to stillbirth. The witch said nonsense, snapped her fingers, and told the woman that her child would be born in the spring before vanishing into the forest. The beautiful woman, overjoyed, wished that she could pay the witch back, but she heard the word on the wind say, “You will only pay me back if your child wants to pay.”

The months passed, and the woman gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, just as the witch had said. The woman wept tears of joy, but then, she wept tears of sorrow. Sorrow lead to fear that the witch would return and take her child away just as easily as she’d brought him back. Her sobbing continued for years and years, aging the poor mother and causing her beauty to fade.

As the years passed, the child grew into a young man who wished above all else to return his mother’s beauty. He’d ventured into the forest, desperately searching for the witch’s hut. Despite knowing that no one had ever found the witch before, he was determined to help his mother.

The witch, sensing the boy’s spirit, appeared to him and asked what he desired. He said that he wished for his mother’s beauty to return to as it was before he was born. The witch nodded her head and asked the boy if he’d be willing to pay the price for his mother. The young boy agreed and the witch snapped her fingers.

She’d said that she lied about curing his mother’s stillbirth. The boy disappeared, and the mother’s beauty returned.




This was something that I just thought of from a dream I had. It’s my attempt at a fable and/or fairy tale that you’d tell children. However, there is a problem: most fairy tales and fables have morals or lessons and to be honest, I don’t think this really has one. I just kinda wrote whatever came to mind. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed and I hope you all have a very wonderful day!


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