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Spring-Heeled Jack Countdown: 10 Days!

Hey everybody! So ten days from now, I’m proud to say that Spring-Heeled Jack will be released! Many, many hours went into it, as one would imagine, and even if it flops, I can proudly say that I put more work into this one book than I have into anything else in my entire life. This book, and the Queen of Spades series as a whole, has been with me for about seven years now. Because of that, I want to share it with as many people as possible, so for the first month of release, Spring-Heeled Jack will be completely and utterly free…as an eBook.

Book Cover 3.1


I’m releasing it as an eBook first for many reasons, but primarily because it’s cheaper and more efficient as an independent author to do. I do plan on releasing physical copies, but that’ll be sometime in the summer (I have it scheduled around June). Another big reason is that if there happen to be any typos that I, and my beta readers missed, I can simply update it with a new version and fix it. Once again, a much cheaper and easier task to do electronically.

Now, where will you fine folks be able to purchase said free book? I have it set up to be available on the Amazon Kindle Store, as well as a few others that I will post links to on release day. I’ll make sure it’s easy to find.

So anyways protagonists, thanks for tuning in. I’ll make sure to keep you guys all up to snuff on release day and such. Thank you very much, and may you all have a very wonderful day.


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