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Believe In Yourself! (Spring-Heeled Jack Draft #2 COMPLETE)

So it is done! At 49,306 words, 128 pages, and 19 chapters; the second draft of Spring-Heeled Jack is completed! I’m wonderfully ahead of schedule and it feels great. But, that doesn’t mean I’m done. Most definitely not. As of right now, if I was to release SHJ right now it would be littered with typos and continuity errors. Now it is my job to read through, edit, and revise which is arguably the hardest part, and I want to go on a little not-quite-a-rant rant for a moment.

For a lot of people, going through and reading their work over in an attempt to buff out all of the hard spots is the point where people start heavily criticizing themselves and back out of their project. Writers, actors, composers, and all kinds of artists tend to think their work is never good enough. There is always something that can be fixed, and I agree with that. Nothing is ever perfect. But, I’m not afraid of that. I know I can’t fix everything until it’s perfect, no matter how good of a writer I am.

I think the core reason why so many people harp on themselves about their work and never think of it as good enough is because they don’t believe in themselves. Me, personally, I know I’m an amateur writer, but I take pride in my work. Every day I tell myself that I’m an incredible writer and that I’m getting better every single time I sit down to work. So many times do I hear friends and fellow artists talk about how they’re “not that good” or that their work is “not that good” and that just upsets me. If they’re trying to be humble I understand, but at least let people know you’re proud of it.

I never undersell my work. When somebody asks me how I think of my writing I always say that it’s awesome or that it’s gonna be great. I never say my work is “not that good” because if I don’t believe in myself, why should anybody else. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of what I’ve done. I’ve put way too much time into it to be ashamed.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is to just believe in yourself. Don’t be embarrassed, ashamed, or upset if you think your work isn’t good enough. To you it may not be, but no one else knows that. To your audience, they think it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be. If you go through and start saying things like “I could’ve done that better,” then remember it for next time. Grow from it, but never be ashamed.

So thank you everyone for reading until the end. I’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop with Spring-Heeled Jack’s third draft in the meantime and I’ll keep uploading chapters from the second draft every so often. Anyways protagonists, I hope you all have a very wonderful day!


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