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Thanks, Rick Riordan…

So I haven’t posted anything in a while. That’s because about two weeks ago, someone broke into my home and stole a lot of my stuff. Nobody was harmed, but I did lose my laptop. That means I lost a lot of things, but thank the Gods of Olympus I did not lose my work on Spring-Heeled Jack. I do keep writing in my notebooks, but it’s very hard for me to get my hands on a computer so I can get some work done. Anyways, that is my very short blurb about why I haven’t updated in a long while. Now, onto what I really want to talk about.

Nearly eight years ago, back in the far off date of 2008, I was just an 8th grader. I was a slacker, and I did not like to read or write. That is until I discovered a book in my school library called The Lightning Thief. The book captivated me. Never in my life had I read a book that hooked me the way it had. I read through the entire thing in less than a week, and at the time the fact that I read a book with over 350 pages in under a week was a miracle. It was unheard of, and with it, I fell in love with Percy Jackson & The Olympians.

I anxiously searched for the sequel, but sadly my school library did not have it. I searched all around, but after awhile I gave up. But one day, about a year later, while I was walking around our local Walmart, I stumbled across books 1 through 4. At the time, I didn’t have a job or any source of income so I had to beg my mom to get them for me. She was so used to buying me video games at the time, seeing me beg for books must’ve been a shock to her system. She gladly got them for me and for the next few months of my life I lived within the world of Percy Jackson.

By the time I’d finished book four, the fifth book had been released and for my birthday my mom got it for me. I read the entire thing in about three days and when I finished it, I was very content. My journey had come to an end and it was wonderful. For the first time in my life, I’d read a whole series of books and enjoyed it. It was a part of my life and it inspired me to become a writer.

Well, later that year my girlfriend at the time introduced me to The Kane Chronicles another series written by Rick Riordan dealing with Egyptian Mythology. I jumped right into the book but my energy burned out halfway through. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it, I was just burnt out. I wasn’t used to reading so much in such a short amount of time that it just got too hard for me. So, I put The Kane Chronicles away destined to return to it.

Then I discovered the Heroes of Olympus series and I’m not gonna lie, I was not happy. My friends read it and said it was incredible, but I didn’t like the idea of a sequel series. I knew there was going to be with how the last book ended, but I’d silently hoped it would never come. I was far too content with how the first series ended to want a new series. So, I put it off for years.

Now, when 2015 started I’ve stated several times that my new years resolution was to read at least twelve books (one for each month), and I knew right from the beginning that eight of those twelve were going to be The Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus. I read the chronicles first. I enjoyed them. I loved them. The books made me extremely happy, but then I finished the last book. It wasn’t the same as when I’d finished The Last Olympian, but that wasn’t to be expected. I knew I wouldn’t feel the same way.

So then I started on the Heroes of Olympus. I was very nervous, but very early on I fell in love all over again. I read the first three books in a little over a month, and then I took a break to simulate waiting for the next books to come out. Then, in less than 72 hours, I’d completed both The House of Hades and The Blood of Olympus, and I’m not gonna lie; when I finished reading the last line of the last book and closed it I cried for about ten minutes. I couldn’t believe that it was actually over with no sign of a sequel series in sight. These series, all three of them, were a very strong part of what inspired me to become a writer and now that it’s over it’s very sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s over; it ended right where it needed to, but it was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

That’s what these books are to me: my friends. They’ve been with me for years, helping me through hard times. I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today without these books. They are a part of me and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thanks, Rick Riordan for taking me on a wonderful journey. I’m anxious to finally start my own. Maybe one day I can make another kid feel the same way about my books that yours made me feel. Thank you for everything.

The adventure was one for the ages.

The adventure was one for the ages.


One comment on “Thanks, Rick Riordan…

  1. I remember the feeling of addiction after reading the first Percy Jackson book. It was 6th grade for me, and I had only gone to the library to kill some class time.

    Honestly one of the best book series I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, if not my favorite.

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