I’m Not Dead! Spring-Heeled Jack: Chapter 1 Excerpt (Part 1)

Hey everybody, just coming in to let you know that I’m still alive an kicking! This was originally meant to come up about a week ago, but lo and behold: I forgot…sorry. But yes, I’ve been working extremely hard on Spring-Heeled Jack’s second draft and it’s going phenomenally well. I just finished writing chapter 3 last night and the total word count is 8629. Compare that to the first draft’s chapter 3 at which I was at 5262 words. 

But, onto the real meat of this post: A small excerpt from Chapter 1 of Spring-Heeled Jack. So without further ado, here you are guys!



“Today, the year is 1956. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Zebulon Corporation, the United States has entered a technological and economic boom. Thanks to Zebulon, the industries of steam, spring, plasma, and diesel technology have become the cultural norm. Steam power is the primary energy source in homes across the nation; powering devices such as ironing machines, stoves, television sets, and refrigerators. Spring-based mechanisms can be wound up and used for simple everyday tasks such as mowing the lawn or picking up trash, but are more commonly used in toys for children. The wonders of plasma energy allow for weaponry once only believed to exist in fiction to become a reality: rayguns and energy cannons keep our military strong and one step ahead of its enemies. For everyday uses, plasma energy can be harnessed and kept within tubes for lighting our homes and streets. And lastly, diesel engines allow for powerful and long lasting transportation: automobiles, locomotives, zeppelins, and ships. However, it’s when all four of the technologies come together when true innovation is sprung.

“Las Vegas Nevada is home to the Zebulon Corporation. Founded in 1917 by Yliaster Zebulon before the United States’ involvement in the first World War, the Zebulon Corporation was a weapon’s developer to the nation’s military, giving the United States and its allies a strong upper hand.

“Following the war, Zebulon decided to locate in the, then barren, deserts of Nevada for isolation, however these dreams of a quiet testing facility would later become all for nothing as thousands of American workers flooded to Las Vegas in the mid 1930s as the technological boom allowed for access to an abundance of jobs. By 1940, the United States had entered the Golden Era of Technology and Prosperity all thanks to the Zebulon Corporation.

“Then, following the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States decided to join the Allied Forces once again to take on the villainous Axis Powers. As the war was reaching its conclusion, the Zebulon Organization stepped in once again with a new weapon. Replacing that of the Manhattan Project, Zebulon started the research and development of the Ouranos Program which would later go on to create the infamous war machine, the Sky Ziggurat – Bahamut.

“At the end of the war, the United Nations agreed to the destruction of the Sky Ziggurat as the machine was simply too deadly and powerful for one nation to hold.

“To this day, the Zebulon Corporation remains one of the most powerful and influential companies in the United States. In 1946, following the aftermath of the world war, Zebulon founded the Fortuna Preparatory Academy for future brilliant minds such as yourself. We hope that when your time here at Fortuna Prep is concluded, you’ll find a home at Zebulon as so many before you.

“From everyone at Zebulon, We hope you all have a wonderful school year!”

That was the video that started everything. The video they showed at the start of every school year at Fortuna Prep and the video that would spark the mind of every student that year, and every year to come. Every student at Fortuna Prep was almost guaranteed at the most famous and powerful technological company in the nation, if not the world: The Zebulon Corporation.


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