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Bloodborne: A Theory on Mergo’s Wet Nurse

So in addition to books, I’m a huge video game fanatic. Not as much nowadays as when I was a younger lad, but I still love them. One game that has recently gripped me is Bloodborne a game by From Software. The game is an artistic and literary masterpiece. It tells a story the exact way a video game should, by having the mechanics and world tell the story while you the player experience it. If you’re a fan of video games as well as a book lover you would benefit greatly from playing Bloodborne. Another selling point for any real niche people is that the game draws heavy inspiration from Lovecraftian/Eldritch Horror so if you love that stuff as much as I do, all the better.

Anyways, this post is going to be all about a theory I wrote regarding the game. If you’ve never played the game, sorry to say but you probably won’t understand nor will you probably care. But, if you have played the game or you are interested in playing, this is for you. None of this is official and is just something I threw together after doing some late night studying and speculating. So without further ado, here is my theory on the identity of Mergo’s Wet Nurse.


The Identity of Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Within the world of Bloodborne, it is possible for a human to ascend to that of a Great One with their forms varying depending on which Great One gifted them with the ascension. Rom was a former scholar at Byrgenwerth College who was ascended to Great One status with the help of Kos/Kosm (a Great One only referenced by Micolash) but at a terrible cost. Rom loses all senses and forgets everything about who she once was.

The baby Mergo ascends to a Great One because, as the descriptions on the umbilical cords all say, every Great One loses its child. Perhaps the only way for the Great Ones to reproduce is by having humans “ascend” into other Great Ones. Now, when Mergo is ascended, she becomes formless. Perhaps it’s because she’s a baby who died prematurely, or perhaps it’s because her surrogate parent Oedon is also formless, similarly to how we take on traits of our parents.

Even in the player can ascend into a Great One in the game’s final ending. But what does any of this have to do with Mergo’s Wet Nurse? Well I think that the Wet Nurse is another human gifted with ascension. The human in question is one we encounter early on after the fight with Father Gascoigne; his wife Viola. Now by what stretch of the imagination allows me to say that? Well for one, the song “Lullaby for Mergo” is the same song that plays out of the little music box that once belonged to Gascoigne and Viola. Not only that, but after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, Viola’s body back in Central Yahrnum disappears.

Now, there is one last reason why I think Viola would be ascended into Mergo’s Wet Nurse. I feel that of all the Great Ones, Oeden is the highest. The reason for is because he is the one who is completely formless and incomprehensible. As such, his children would be held with a higher regard. To protect Mergo, his surrogate child, he would need to keep it safe and heavily protected. He does this by keeping Mergo within the Nightmare of Mensis and protected by the Wet Nurse. So why choose Viola? Well, simply because she is a mother. Maybe Oeden doesn’t help her ascend himself but another Great One could, and that Great One could corrupt Viola into using her innate motherly instincts to protect the infant Mergo, the daughter of the highest great one.

Like I said, it’s just a theory…a game theory!


Thank you for reading everybody! I know this is was a slog and if you’ve never played Bloodborne I bet this was just a huge mess of proper nouns and random jargon, but I hope it sounded awesome enough for you guys to want to play the game. Like I said back at the beginning, the game is totally worth it and is incredible. Anyways protagonists, may you all have a very wonderful day.



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