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Spring-Heeled Jack (A Steampunk Myster Novel) Kickstarter!

So today is the day everybody! Today is the day that the Spring-Heeled Jack Kickstarter launches! I know that’s all I’ve been talking about this past month, but I’ve just been very nervous about it. I’ve never tried anything like this before and it’s something that I really want to succeed as I’m sure every person who starts a campaign on kickstarter does. In the massive ocean of creative projects, I’m just one of many. But I have hope and determination. I have a lot of plans to help this project succeed and I feel that I have a pretty strong local following. If you guys have any questions about the campaign, check out the page and see if there if your answer is there, and if not just send me a message or an email or something and I’ll get back to you. I will be keeping everyone updated on the actual writing process throughout the campaign and up until the book is finished, regardless of if the campaign gets funded or not.

As of today, Spring-Heeled Jack is on chapter 7 at 12,000 words. I’d say that the book is about halfway complete, but I’m still not sure if there are more things I want to add or take out. I have a loose outline for structure and flow, but there are times when I get a spontaneous idea and maybe want to expand upon something. Like I said earlier, I’ll be keeping you guys in the loop from here on. I won’t post something every single day, but I’ll definitely do it more than just once a week like I’ve been lazily doing for however long.

Anyways protagonists, that’s all for today. Down below I’ll have a link to my kickstarter page if you want to check it out, and if you don’t have the money or desire to fund, spread the word to friends and family who love to read. If you’re at all interested in beta-reading, I have up to chapter 7 available for that and I’d be perfectly fine with letting some of you folks get a chance to read now. May all of you folks have a very wonderful day!

To the Kickstarter Campaign!


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