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Kickstarter Approaching!!!

Hey everybody, so June 1st is coming up soon and that means that my Kickstarter for Spring-Heeled Jack will be launching and I figured I should go into some details.

To start, I want to talk about the book itself. Spring-Heeled Jack is part of my Queen of Spades Series and it has been in the works since I was in high school. Originally, the book was an urban fantasy adventure but only recently I decided to rewrite the story into its current iteration: a steampunk mystery. The reasoning was because I realized that my initial idea was far too similar to that of a traditional adventure. I thought making it a mystery would work really well and the steampunk came from my love of the style.

The plot of Spring-Heeled Jack revolves around Atticus Whaelord, a student at the fictional Fortuna Prep Academy. One day after class, Atticus learns that one of his classmates was murdered and he believes it to be connected to the death of his parents. He decides to take matters into his own hands and search around campus for clues using the mysterious Queen of Spades which allows him to take perfect mental photographs and recall them at his will. On his adventure, Atticus must discover not only the identity of the killer, but the identity of the bizarre Ghost that has appeared on campus as well as the mysteries of his past that have returned to haunt him.

One last thing I want to mention about the kickstarter is the introduction of the “Protagonist Page.” I want to honor those who fund my project with this page. It’s nothing too much, but it’s the least I can do.


Moving onto other topics, I hope you all like the Adventure of the (Not Quite) Red Ranger post. My sister and I love Hyperbole and a Half and she thought it would be cute if I did something similar. Now, I don’t want to carbon copy of that style. I drew the one picture just to be the image for those posts, but I don’t think I’ll be making any more, or if I do they’ll be on special occasion. Also, a new Louder Than Words will finally be released tomorrow! I know it’s taken forever, but I was having a lot of trouble writing the script so I did an overhaul of the show to make it shorter and less forced.

Anyways guys, thank you all very much for reading and I hope you all tune in for the next post.


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